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The best British drinks for summer garden party

There’s a great buzz around fine British drink-makers – never before have we seen so many new brewers, craft distillers and cider, perry and juice producers starting up.

Should you really eat fat to stay slim? The new food rules explained

The nation was enjoying its breakfast last week when the latest food fight broke out.

The best pizza ovens

From wood-fired to gas operated, here are eight of the best pizza ovens around, all designed to be used outdoors.

Beyoncé is getting into the juice business

The entertainer has invested in a three-year-old startup that sells watermelon juice called WTRMLN WTR.

Food scanner can tell you what your food is made of without labels

Bypassing regulations and corrupt laws, a new technology being investigated by three major companies has the potential to revolutionize the food industry by allowing consumers to scan their own food and determine what it is, exactly.

Put Some Cayenne Pepper In A Glass Of Water, And Drink It!

Grounded pepper consists a great amount of alkaloid capsaicin.

Drinking This Before Going to Bed Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy

Only one glass of this drink before going to bed can help you eliminate body fat especially belly fat.

7 Foods to Prevent Acute Inflammation Naturally

Inflammation has become quite the buzzword lately, considered as the main cause of everything from acne to Alzheimer’s and from digestive issues to obesity.

Throw A Modern-Rustic Dinner Party Like a Stylist

Any New Yorker worth her metro card knows that the opening of a new restaurant is more than enough reason to throw a great party.

Coffee vs. Tea: Pros, Cons and How to Drink Them Best

Coffee and tea have unique health benefits.

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The FTC takes a huge jab at Influencers

In a landmark bout of activity, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has announced that it is, in fact, watching celebrities, athletes, and other influencers...

4chan’s new racist code: How alt-right trolls are harassing Jews, Muslims and black people

Take a moment to cherish your favorite candies and search engines — you never know when the alt-right is going to appropriate them.

Students suspended after 1 dawns blackface, mocks Black Lives Matter in Snapchat videos

Two students were suspended from Albright College this week after they posted a series of video Snapchats in which one of them — a white woman — is wearing blackface.

4 Key Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Content

Keywords and relevance decide the ranking of your web pages in Google, and unsurprisingly, the same applies to Google-owned YouTube.