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UGA organizations raise awareness to mental health

While many students stopped to observe the display, for Erin Bagley, seeing 1,000 little red flags covering the Tate Student Center lawn Sept. 12 was much...

Long daytime naps are ‘warning sign’ for type-2 diabetes

Napping for more than an hour during the day could be a warning sign for type-2 diabetes, Japanese researchers suggest.

Prostate cancer treatment ‘not always needed’

Just keeping an eye on prostate cancer results in the same 10-year survival rate as treating it, a study suggests.

Making babies without eggs may be possible, say scientists

Scientists say early experiments suggest it may one day be possible to make babies without using eggs.

E-cigarettes ‘help more smokers quit’

The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK may have resulted in more successful attempts to quit smoking, according to UK researchers.

Teen dies after girlfriend gives him a hickey

A teen has died after a hickey from his girlfriend caused a blood clot that quickly led to a stroke.

‘World’s oldest man’ is an incredible 145 years old

An Indonesian man has come out of nowhere to be named the world’s oldest person – but it’s not a title he wants to hold for long.

HIV effort let down by test shortages, says WHO

A shortage of HIV testing could undermine global efforts to diagnose and treat people with the infection, warn experts from the World Health Organization.

Could mouthwash combat gonorrhoea?

"A gargle a day keeps gonorrhoea away" is an unlikely slogan, but researchers believe it could hold some truth.

‘Bagpipe lung’ warning for wind musicians

Trumpeters, saxophonists and pipers beware - playing a wind instrument could damage your lungs, UK doctors warn in the journal Thorax.

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The FTC takes a huge jab at Influencers

In a landmark bout of activity, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has announced that it is, in fact, watching celebrities, athletes, and other influencers...

4chan’s new racist code: How alt-right trolls are harassing Jews, Muslims and black people

Take a moment to cherish your favorite candies and search engines — you never know when the alt-right is going to appropriate them.

Students suspended after 1 dawns blackface, mocks Black Lives Matter in Snapchat videos

Two students were suspended from Albright College this week after they posted a series of video Snapchats in which one of them — a white woman — is wearing blackface.

4 Key Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Content

Keywords and relevance decide the ranking of your web pages in Google, and unsurprisingly, the same applies to Google-owned YouTube.