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BlackBerry Priv launching on Verizon ‘by the end of March’

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has already confirmed that the BlackBerry Priv is headed to more carriers soon, and we now have confirmation that one of them, Verizon, is planning to carry the phone by the end of March, if not sooner.

BlackBerry shows signs of life

BlackBerry shows signs of life The struggling smartphone manufacturer posted a surprise profit on Friday for the second quarter in a row, eking out gains thanks to a massive...

BlackBerry Passport Sales Aid Profit Quest as Loss Slims

BlackBerry Passport Sales Aid Profit Quest as Loss Slims BlackBerry Ltd.’s turnaround is gaining momentum, after demand for Chief Executive Officer John Chen’s first major new...

BlackBerry Jakarta reportedly won’t have a physical keyboard

BlackBerry CEO John Chen dropped word of the upcoming BlackBerry Jakarta on the earnings call a few weeks ago. Making the device much more...

Customers have spoken, Rogers will offer the BlackBerry Z30 online

When it was announced that Rogers would not be carrying the latest device from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Z30, a lot of folks were understandably...

The End of BlackBerry and Other Top Comments

In light of BlackBerry's acquisition and the debut of iOS 7, it's been another busy week for smartphone news. On Monday, BlackBerry was purchased by...

After Near-$1B Inventory Write-Down, BlackBerry Starts Selling Unlocked Smartphones Direct To U.S. Buyers

Well that was quick: Not long after T-Mobile announced it would stop carrying BlackBerry hardware in its retail stores (but continue selling them online),...

BlackBerry to Cut 4,500 Jobs, Will Take Nearly $1 Billion Loss

BlackBerry halted trading in stock briefly on Friday before announcing it was cutting 4,500 jobs and taking a loss of $930 million to $960...

BlackBerry 10 Software Review

One can’t even begin to write about BlackBerry 10 without acknowledging its near-mythical importance to RIM BlackBerry as a company. From its roots as an embedded...

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The FTC takes a huge jab at Influencers

In a landmark bout of activity, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has announced that it is, in fact, watching celebrities, athletes, and other influencers...

4chan’s new racist code: How alt-right trolls are harassing Jews, Muslims and black people

Take a moment to cherish your favorite candies and search engines — you never know when the alt-right is going to appropriate them.

Students suspended after 1 dawns blackface, mocks Black Lives Matter in Snapchat videos

Two students were suspended from Albright College this week after they posted a series of video Snapchats in which one of them — a white woman — is wearing blackface.

4 Key Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Content

Keywords and relevance decide the ranking of your web pages in Google, and unsurprisingly, the same applies to Google-owned YouTube.