White man who killed Markeis McGlockton dad over parking spot finally charged

Markeis McGlockton

There has been a dramatic change in the case of the White man who shot a Black father in front of his girlfriend and kids.i

Back on July 19, Michael Drejka, 47, of Clearwater, Florida, decided to confront Britany Jacobs, who was in a car with her two kids in a handicapped parking spot. Drejka yelled at Jacobs to “move the f—ing car,” and Jacobs’ boyfriend Markeis McGlockton, 28, heard the commotion from inside the store and rushed outside, leaving his small son behind. Continue reading “White man who killed Markeis McGlockton dad over parking spot finally charged”

Prayers up for Aretha Franklin, reportedly “gravely ill” in a Detroit Hospital

Aretha Franklin, reportedly "gravely ill" in a Detroit Hospital

We are praying for Aretha Franklin who is Reported to be “Gravely Ill” in a Detroit Hospital, Surrounded by Family.

According to reports, Aretha Franklin, 76, is “gravely ill” and surrounded by family at a Detroit hospital. While not many details are known about the situation, Franklin is said to be in serious condition.  Franklin, 76, has dealt with numerous health issues in recent years, leading the singer to announce her retirement in February 2017.  Continue reading “Prayers up for Aretha Franklin, reportedly “gravely ill” in a Detroit Hospital”

LeBron James Praised Black Women and Saltine Americans Are Predictably Upset

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

You can pretty much set your watch to it at this point.

A certain contingent of white people is once against incensed at LeBron James. Disgusted. Siiiiiiuuuuck with rage.

The reason?

LeBron James had the nerve, the gall, the appalling lack of shame to show love to black women on his Instagram account Wednesday.

In two separate posts with the same caption, James shared galleries of magazine cover photos featuring black women. These included Beyoncé’s recent Vogue cover, as well as Rihanna on British Vogue, Lupita Nyong’o on Porter, Zendaya on Marie Claire, Tiffany Haddish on Glamour, and the ladies of Pose on Out magazine.


James wrote underneath the galleries:

Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!! Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #WomenPower

(OK, a little bit of a yikes on “Colored Women”—we’re going to assume he meant “women of color” there, even though he was quite clearly referencing black women specifically.)


As The Glow Up’s Maiysha Kai has noted, this has been a stellar fall season for black women landing the covers of major magazines. September issues—the biggest and, for many glossies, the most lucrative issues of the year—are huge deals, and we’re seeing an unprecedented array of black celebrities and models gracing their covers. James is far from the only one to notice or point out the importance of this kind of representation (and affirmation of black women’s beauty and cultural power), and his inclusion of trans women is particularly notable.

But the Saltine Americans among us can’t let LeBron live, predictably flooding his comments with bland, “All Lives Matter”-flavored tears.

The Shade Room compiled some of the best ones, including:

  • An Instagram user named Gavin Lombardi saying: “Kinda racist to white women tbh”
  • Danmads asking: “Does that include white women?” (The answer: Um, nah.)
  • Jsanchez908, in his internet yelling voice: “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD?”
  • JohnnyBoy.631 with the saltine hypothetical: “Let’s do a role reversal now people. Now let’s say Tom Brady or Tom Cruise or George Clooney for that matter came on IG and said “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS MORE POWERFUL THAN WHITE WOMEN.” I know ya mofo’s would be having a fit!
  • And chatnigga with: “lebron and beyonce best power couple.” Okay, that one doesn’t actually fit in with the rest of these comments, I just wholeheartedly agree. Also, sorry Jay-Z.


You might recall the same fate befell Sean “Diddy” Combs when he showed black women some love on his Twitter timeline. It’s almost like it’s a pattern or something.


Of course, this conversation has been gone over time and time again, but oh well, it’s summer and we have time.

White people, in fact, do a version of what James did. But typically, when these white people—and more importantly, white institutions, like the very fashion mags James was sharing—big up white women, historically, they just called them “women” and left out everybody else. The prototypical “American” women as so white you didn’t even have to place “white” as a descriptor; it was assumed, and everyone else got the hyphen. But don’t believe me, believe the years and years and years and years of magazine covers, articles, books, movies, television shows to examine the evidence.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here, buying these covers like Maiysha told me to, and stanning for my president.

Elderly Sikh Man Spat On, Beaten; ‘Disgusted’ Police Chief’s Estranged 18-Year-Old Son Is the Suspect

Tyrone McAllister
Photo: Manteca Police Department

A 71-year-old Sikh man was brutally attacked by a park near his home in Manteca, Calif. early Monday morning, prompting outrage from the community.

Surveillance footage showed the elderly man, identified as Sahib Singh Natt being confronted by two men wearing hoods. A suspect in a black hoodie is seen kicking Natt so hard that he falls over, his turban toppling off of his head. Natt gets up and attempts to defend himself, only to be kicked down again. The duo starts to walk away, but the man in the black hoodie runs back, kicking Natt as he is down three more times, before spitting on the 71-year-old, leaving him lying on the street.

Natt was taken to the hospital and was later released. According to police, the elderly man who does not speak English, couldn’t understand what the men were saying to him.

Naturally, the incident outraged the community and many across the whole state, especially as it took place just days after a separate attack on another Sikh man in Central California.


Some 200 residents gathered at the park demanding justice, the Washington Post notes.

It even spread all the way to Union City, some 60 miles out, where Sikh community members expressed their concern to Police Chief Darryl McAllister, hoping to prevent such a “horrific crime” from happening in their beloved town.


Well …

Turns out Union City residents had a right to be concerned because mere hours after that event, McAllister received a call from Manteca police telling him that his son, 18-year-old Tyrone McAllister was a suspect in the beating.

The police chief addressed the allegations against his son in a message on the department’s Facebook page, noting his disgust:

I am completely disgusted in sharing with you that, later yesterday evening, I received a call from the Manteca PD that the suspect in this horrific crime turns out to by my 18-year old son. He has been estranged from our family and our home for several months now.

Words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now. Violence and hatred is not what we have taught our children; intolerance for others is not even in our vocabulary, let alone our values. Crime has never been an element of our household, our values, nor the character to which we hold ourselves.


McAllister explained that his son “began to lose his way,” as a juvenile getting involved in a bad crowd.

He pretty much divorced his friends and family, associating with people none of us knew. He got into trouble for some theft-related crimes and ended up spending several months in juvenile hall. As an adult, he was again arrested for a theft-related incident, and he ended up spending another three months in adult jail as a result. Since being released he has been wayward and has not returned to our family home for several months.

McAllister and his wife worked with the police department to help track down Tyrone McAllister, according to the Facebook message, leaving the family, including McAllister’s two daughter’s “shaken to the core.”

It’s difficult for us to comprehend how one of three kids who grew up with the same parents, under the same roof, with the same rules and same values and character could wander so far astray. We simply don’t know why, or how we got here. In the eyes of the public, no matter the irrelevance to the incident, the fact remains that the father of the perpetrator of this despicable crime is a police chief, period. One cannot expect the general public (our Sikh community in particular) to factor in any sentiment that would distinguish this from the integrity of my family name. I pray that we, as a community, in conjunction with my family, can get through this and be even stronger as a result.


The chief’s frank post was met with positive feedback from the community, including several who identified themselves as Sikh.

Tyrone McAllister, along with a 16-year-old juvenile, is facing charges of attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. Police say that one of the suspects brandished a firearm as they left the scene of the attack.

Authorities, according to the Post, are also looking into whether the attack “meets all of the legal elements for charging as a hate crime,” meaning more charges could be coming for the two suspects.


As for Natt, he is still sore from the attack, but is recovering at home. Unfortunately, according to Manjeet Singh Virk, a relative, the elderly man will no longer be taking his early morning walks around the park.

“Yeah, everybody’s scared. Everybody’s scared, you know, me, everybody,” Virk told KCRA, according to the Post. “Don’t do it again. That’s the main message. Don’t do it.”

Aja Naomi King Gets Powerful for the Cover of Shape’s September Issue

Screenshot: Ben Watts (Shape Magazine/Meredith Corporation)

“All the things I’m involved in now are about women standing up for themselves,” How to get Away with Murder’s Aja Naomi King tells Shape magazine, covering their September issue.

Joining an unprecedented number of black women (and Kanye and kids) covering 2018's fall fashion issues, King, also an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, tells the magazine she’s proud to be part of the beauty brand’s annual Women of Worth event, honoring women making a change in their communities, and she’s the star of the upcoming film A Girl from Mogadishu, which chronicles the story of international activist Ifrah Ahmed, a Somali woman fighting to end the practice of female genital mutilation.

King is also politically and socially active; she mentors through Opening Act and works with the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is currently working on the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would prevent states from enacting laws that deprive women of reproductive healthcare.

But King tells Shape that her activism is fueled by an equally active lifestyle, filled with regular workouts and weightlifting—balanced with a very healthy relationship with food:

“I feed my body for energy, but I also want to feed my spirit with things that make me happy,” she tells Shape. “It’s important to have a positive relationship with food. For me, there’s no such thing as a cheat day because eating isn’t cheating.”


And as for exercise? King uses her physical activity to center her mind and emotions.

“As women, we are constantly thinking ahead and trying to solve every problem,” she says. “We are so worried about tomorrow that we barely have time to experience and enjoy what is happening right now. Exercise lets me appreciate where I am in this moment.”


But while King may be living in the moment, she tells Shape she’s also playing to win the long game:

“When I’m in my 90s, God willing, I want my body to be active—I don’t want someone else to have to take care of me. Exercise is a commitment to my independence in the future.”

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What Might Be on Omarosa’s Trump Tapes, Ranked by Cookout Invitations

President Donald Trump holds an African American History Month listening session attended by Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault (L) and other officials in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on February 1, 2017 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Michael Reynolds (Getty Images)

There are a few people identifiable by only one name: Oprah, Cher, Madonna, and Omarosa. But only one of them has those Trump tapes!

That’s right the woman you love to hate might be out here trying to save us all from the hot trash lava explosion that is the Trump administration. According to The Daily Beast Omarosa not only recorded President Trump, but she’s been playing the tapes for people because she’s messy like that. Omarosa was always planning an escape from the time she latched onto the president’s heel like used Kleenex. Because Omarosa has always and only been about the self-promotion of Omarosa, those tapes have hopefully been transcribed in her forthcoming book Unhinged.


Perhaps no journalist in American media has covered the relationship between Mrs. Manigault-Newman and Führer Trump more extensively than The Root’s own Stephen A. Crockett Jr. He is currently working on his second book about the former reality villain and the former reality villain’s time together in the White House entitled “Massa, You Done Yet? You Sure I Can’t Get You Anything Else?”

We would challenge anyone to find a writer who has written about cookouts more than our staff writer Michael Harriot, whose book, “What are Those?! A Look At Cookout Footwear” just came in at number 13 on the New York Times bestsellers list of books about cookout footwear.

The Root doesn’t have an advance copy of Omarosa’s new book, nor have we heard the tapes. But that isn’t going to stop these two from speculating about what Trump’s former favorite black might have captured during her time in the big house White House and rating that speculative incriminating material on a scale of how close Omarosa may get to coming back to the cookout.


Michael Harriot: The Black Legislative American Cookouts Council (BLACC, the sanctioning body for the black cookout) has issued a permanent nationwide ban on Omarosa for cookouts in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. She was booed and heckled at last year’s National Association of Black Journalists Conference, which is essentially the 2nd ranked bougie cookout in the world (Congressional Black Caucus weekend still holds the number 1 spot).

Stephen Crockett Jr.: But, what if she captured Trump singing Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” shortly after winning the presidential election? Especially the part that goes “nigga, nigga, nigga”?


MH: While it would be entertaining, it would have no real impact on African Americans. At best, it might reduce her 10-year sentence to 8 seasons.

SC: “Seasons?” What is the difference between seasons and years?

MH: Yes. Cookout seasons last from Easter weekend until Labor Day. Omarosa is banned from the cookout for 10 years, but if she produced a Trinidad Trump tape, we would consider reducing her sentence to eight seasons, meaning she could still attend events like Homecoming at Howard.


However, if there was video, we might be willing to allow her to join in on off-season activities like Kwanzaa celebrations, on a case-by-case basis.

SC: Kwanzaa? Homecomings? But those aren’t even cookouts.

MH: Like most people, you misunderstand our jurisdiction. Our legislative authority covers the cookout, not just “cookouts.” The cookout also refers to tailgates, Thanksgiving dinners, fish fries, impromptu get-togethers and all-white parties.


Basically, if it involves black people, food and brown liquor, it falls under the territory of the cookout.

But what if she had a recording of him using the n-word?

MH: Well the commission assumes that Donald Trump uses the n-word in private conversations at least twice a day. We wouldn’t reduce Omarosa’s penalty for a tape of Trump using a racial slur unless it was referring to actual policy.


For instance, if there was a recording of Trump referring to the War on Drugs as “Nigger Lockup Laws” then we might consider a clause that allowed Omarosa access to day-after-cookout deviled eggs. But she would probably be embarrassed to release such a thing.

SC: Omarosa embarrassed? Look, in my extensive coverage of the Wicked Wench of the West, I can’t recall an instance of Omarosa being embarrassed. I have spoken to medical professionals and my sources told me that, as a child, Omarosa was born with Congenital Shame Deficiency.

MH: That explains a lot. I’ve read that Candace Owens and Kanye suffer from the same disease. We even took that into consideration when banning them from the cookout. Unfortunately, BLACC’s bylaws do not allow for medical exceptions.


SC: Okay. But what if her tapes included audio of Trump admitting that he doesn’t pay taxes and that he made payments to porn stars from campaign funds?

MH: Now that would be serious! For something like that, we would be willing to cut her time in half and put her on cookout probation.

SC: Cookout probation?

MH: Yes, she could come to the cookout, but she would have to sit in the car and have someone bring her a plate. According to sentencing guidelines, the plate could only be fixed after everyone had seconds. And under no circumstances, would she be allowed the corners of any macaroni.


SC: Ok. But let’s just say, for instance, that there was a verified recording of Donald Trump slapping the shit out of Jeff Sessions, ordering King Keebler to fire James Comey. Also, what if the recording included a sound bite of Trump screaming:

“You recused yourself, Mr. Magoo? You were supposed to fire that Frankenstein-looking motherfucker! Now Vladimir keeps saying he is going to sends his goons to Mar-a-Lago! I hired you to keep the feds off my back and you recuse yourself? Recuse this! [audible slap]”

MH: That would definitely prove collusion. If Omarosa produced something like that, it might lead to impeachment proceedings, in which case we would suspend her sentence and allow her to actually attend the cookout. However, the terms of her parole would still include conditions that prevented her from playing Spades or participating in any “Wobble”-related activities.


Furthermore, she would be relegated to the kids’ table for a period of 3 seasons and could only consume the most severely burned hot dogs and would have to eat her hamburgers with Wonder bread … And only the end pieces.

SC: I think that’s more than fair. I think Omarosa would agree to that.

What if she had a tape of the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Paul Manafort, Natalia Veselnitskaya, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr. And what if the audio included Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on speakerphone negotiating Russia’s help in election-meddling and real estate loans in exchange for lenient foreign policy, reducing Russian sanctions and a lifetime supply of Trump steaks?


MH: If Omarosa had that, not only would she be invited to the cookout, but our team of deputized cookout enforcers would make sure she got the first plate at every cookout until the next election. She would be assured to always get the big joker and we might even be willing to give her a certificate that allowed her to attend any North American cookout without bringing anything, even aluminum foil.

Furthermore, she would always get a chair and would never, ever be forced to sit on a cooler.

SC: Wow. That’s a huge consideration. Last question:

In my coverage, I realized that Omarosa has always been willing to do almost anything to keep in Trump’s good graces and earn Trump’s trust. What if she has the biggest secret of all? What if Omarosa’s tape is actually the Russian pee tape we heard so much about?


MH: If Omarosa releases a video of a naked, walrus-shaped Donald Trump surrounded by Russian sex workers soaking as he frolick’s under a stream of vodka scented urine like a toddler under a Slip-n-Slide … If she has a tape of that …

SC: Yes?

MH: Not only is she not invited to the cookout, we’d give her a life sentence.

Racist Minnesota Couple Accused in Attack on Black Man Allegedly Held Him to the Ground and Threatened to Run Him Over With a Truck

Photo: Stearns County Jail (KNSI Radio)

A St. Cloud, Minn., couple is facing multiple charges after they allegedly assaulted a black man, hurled racial slurs at him and then threatened to run him over with their truck.

The brutal attack occurred on Monday when the man went to the home of Aaron Charles Stevens to pick up a fan. Stevens then apparently started attacking him, coming out of his home and yelling at the man to get off of his property, calling him racial slurs, including “nigger” and hurling other verbal abuses, KNSI Radio reports.


Stevens, 58, allegedly broke a beer bottle and threw it at the man, striking the unidentified victim in the face and cutting him. He also charged at the victim with a large tie strap with metal hooks.

The man acknowledged that he grabbed a hammer hoping to defend himself, but was hit in the face by the metal hooks.

As the two continued to scuffle, Stevens pinned the man on the ground before calling for his girlfriend, 41-year-old Myrna Angelica Alanis, to run the man over with their truck.


Witnesses claim that Alanis backed up the truck and revved the engine as the man was on the ground.

Eventually, the man managed to escape, even as Stevens chased after him with an ax.

To top this all off, Stevens is all loud and proud in his racism, admitting to police that he did attack the man, called him names and held him down as the truck approached his head. Stevens also told police that he’s prejudiced and uses the word nigger to describe people.


Which leaves me puzzled about his relationship with Alanis, both on his part and especially on her part because…[looks at that mugshot].

GIF: Tenor

Speaking of Alanis, she also readily admitted to almost hitting the man with the vehicle, although later she claimed that she was just revving the engine.


Stevens is facing charges of three counts of second-degree assault with a weapon, with his bond set at $300,000, while Alanis is being charged with one count of second-degree assault and being held on $100,000 bond.

“We are taking into consideration the race-motivated aspect of this crime with respect to sentencing,” Assistant Stearns County Attorney Kyle Triggs said Wednesday, according to the St. Cloud Times. “That could play a role in increasing the sentencing, dependent on the court and the jury.”

However, as the Times notes, assaults motivated by any sort of bias fall under fourth-degree assault, which means up to a year imprisonment and a $3,000 fine; it is basically a gross misdemeanor.


“Ironically, if we instead went with the fourth-degree bias assault (charge) it would be less of a punishment than the charges we filed,” Triggs said.

A Year After Unite the Right, Charlottesville Is Taking a Stand Against Media and ‘Allies’ Who Implicitly Support White Supremacy

People embrace at the spot where Heather Heyer was killed and 19 others injured when a car slammed into a crowd of people protesting against a white supremacist rally, August 16, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville will held a memorial service for Heyer Wednesday, four days after she was killed when a participant in a white nationalist, neo-Nazi rally allegedly drove his car into the crowd of people demonstrating against the ‘alt-right’ gathering.
Photo: Photo by Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

Anxiety is high in Virginia as it approaches the one-year anniversary of the Unite the Right rally, the “alt-right” violent protest that brought together all manner of white supremacists in Charlottesville.

In anticipation of demonstrations—and subsequent clashes—marking the anniversary, including a Unite the Right 2 rally that will be held this weekend in Washington, D.C., the Commonwealth and the city of Charlottesville have declared a state of emergency.

According to CNN, Jeffrey Stern, a state coordinator for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management said, “We are treating this as a statewide event.”

But Charlottesville, in particular, has been forced to reckon with the aftermath of the deadly rally, with residents facing tough questions about how the city has defined itself in the past, and how it will do so in the future.

Two stories published earlier this week point to how black Charlottesville residents and activists are leading the conversation, including the city’s first black female mayor, Nikuyah Walker, who was elected into office shortly after the August demonstration.


In conversation with the Guardian, Walker was unwilling to let the city’s liberal white residents and public servants off the hook.

“I’m attempting to make sure—and it’s painful—that people who work for the city, people who receive money from the city, understand that if they’re not moving the needle, making progress, changing lives, if they don’t truly understand service, they will not be in a position to receive resources, or I will criticize you publicly,” she said.

She continued:

In very polite, civil discussions around boardroom tables, eating Baggby’s sandwiches, you have put policies in place that have ruined generations of native families in this area. So I don’t really care about your request for civility, because even though you are not loud, you are not yelling, you still impacted people’s lives in a way that affected three or four generations at a time.

It’s very easy for people to blame [the white nationalist] Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler [the organizer of last year’s white supremacist rally], but they haven’t been in charge here.


Charlottesville activists have also drawn a hard line with the press when it comes to how reporters cover the city—a move that has its roots in the way the Unite the Right rally was reported.

As the Huffington Post writes, a network of community activists and members are refusing interviews for articles that give platforms to white supremacists. Media requests are filtered through a team of volunteers, the Charlottesville Anti-Racist Media Liaisons, who will refuse any interview if the piece will also include a white supremacist perspective.

“No platform for white supremacy,” the group’s Mimi Arbeit told HuffPost. “No face time, no interviews, no way. No platform to spread their violent views and actions.”


Writer Andy Campbell articulates the rationale behind the process (emphasis mine):

This isn’t some petty rule aimed at making reporters’ jobs more difficult. Giving column inches to violent racists and white supremacists ― like Kessler, or fellow UVA graduate and white supremacist Richard Spencer, or their pals—alongside local activists is creating an equivalency where none exists, tantamount to President Donald Trump saying there were good people “on both sides” of the Charlottesville confrontations.

The group also tracks which publications have given a platform to white supremacist views.


“We’re not debating. We’re fighting against a genocidal agenda,” Arbeit added. “The people have not forgotten or forgiven.”

The second Unite the Right rally will take place in D.C. from Aug. 11 to 12 in Lafayette Park. Organizer Jason Kessler’s permit application predicts around 400 demonstrators wanting to get in on the white supremacist-a-thon will attend the event; this doesn’t take into account what is sure to be a pronounced police and counter-protester presence.

Devin Nunes Joins Omarosa and Michael Cohen’s White House Leaked Mixtape Series

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, answers questions at the U.S. Capitol during a press conference March 7, 2017 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

Tapes have an important history in hip-hop’s legacy. During the 1980s, mixtapes were all the rage because most radio stations weren’t playing this new genre of music and no one had time to lug around thousands of albums.

Before Soundcloud, Spotify and Tidal became a thing, these pre-internet recordings determined what everyone would be listening to during the summer. Some of them were even calculated leaks of unreleased songs. For millennials, hip-hop mixtapes were the first iPods.


It now looks like the Trump administration is trying to bring that old school flavor back as DJ Devin Nunes, MC Michael Cohen and Cut-Selector Omarosa all have released mixtapes so hot that they rival some of the earliest hits of DJ Kid Capri and DJ Clue.

First Michael Cohen dropped his tape: “Quiet Stormy: Paid in Full” with a feature by Donald Trump instructing Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels. The FBI also seized 12 tapes from Cohen’s office, meaning he might have a playlist full of unreleased hits.

Then, according to the Daily Beast, Omarosa Manigault-Newman reportedly recorded conversations during her time as the White House Liason for Negro Relations. And not only did she reportedly tape the president, she’s been letting friends hear masters of her recordings with her Massa.


And on Wednesday evening, audio obtained exclusively by MSNBC exposed Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Cali.), arguably the president’s favorite lapdog, as the shitheel he’s shown himself to be. Speaking during a small Republican dinner fundraiser, Nunes boasted that even he’s not fond of the president’s behavior; that a Republican majority in Congress is needed to insulate Trump from being impeached and timing is the only reason the GOP hasn’t pushed to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

According to the audio, Nunes told the Republican donors that upcoming midterms are the real reason that Rosenstein is gainfully employed. They also restrained from makingRosenstein the new James Comey because they don’t want to take away from the Congressional effort to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.


“It’s a bit complicated,” he told the audience member. “We only have so many months left,” CNBC reports.

“So if we actually vote to impeach, OK, what that does is that triggers the Senate then has to take it up,” Nunes explained, adding: “So it’s not a matter that any of us like Rosenstein. It’s a matter of, it’s a matter of timing.”


“Do you want them to drop everything and not confirm the Supreme Court justice, the new Supreme Court justice?” asked Nunes.

Later, Nunes stresses the importance of keeping a Republican House majority because, in doing so, they can offer protection to Trump and prevent him from being impeached.


“If Sessions won’t un-recuse and Mueller won’t clear the president, we’re the only ones, which is really the danger,” he says on the recording, CNBC reports. “That’s why I keep, and thank you for saying it by the way, I mean we have to keep all these seats.”

Now some might consider this a textbook example of what some people, including some dudes named Merriam and Webster, call “collusion,” which they define as:

A secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose.


But aside from being the trusted source of definitions for over 150 years and their dictionaries being one of the most-sold books in American history, what does Merriam-Webster know?

This is about hip-hop. Cohen, Nunes and Omarosa have dropped the hottest mixtapes this summer and didn’t even need Soundcloud to do it. Collectively, Trump’s street team has brought that 1980s feeling back and I can’t wait for the next tape to drop.