Police detain Black teen for riding with his White grandmother

Akil Carter in Police Car

A  ride home from church turned into a frightening police encounter for a Black teen near Milwaukee. Akil Carter, 18, was picked up by his White grandmother and friend as she was going home from church to give him a ride to work. A few minutes later Wauwatosa Police pulled over the blue Lexus and ordered Akil out of the car at gunpoint, then cuffed him and placed him in the back of the squad car.i Continue reading “Police detain Black teen for riding with his White grandmother”

#BrooklynBecky Exposes ‘Wokewashed’ White Supremacy

“You’re standing on public property, ma’am. This is not public property,” starts the now-viral #BrooklynBecky video. The 19-year-old white woman of Puerto Rican heritage, who uses the name “Bella” on social media, directed her confused statement to Darsell Obregon, as she called the police on her.

Why did Brooklyn Becky alert the authorities? For Obregon’s very serious crime of standing in her doorway during a rainstorm, and waiting for an Uber while being perceived (incorrectly, according to Obregon) as a black woman. Continue reading “#BrooklynBecky Exposes ‘Wokewashed’ White Supremacy”

Child Gets Cops Called on Him for Delivering Newspapers

Brandie Sharp

In African American News, For many kids and their families, summer jobs are a rite of passage: a way of imparting lessons about responsibility and hard work, and finally having a response to the age-old parental question, “you have McDonald’s money?”

But one Ohio family says their summer job instead turned into a lesson on racial profiling.

As WABC TV reports, Brandie Sharp had taken her two sons, Mycah, 17, and Uriah, 11, to deliver newspaper ads to a neighborhood in Upper Arlington. The point, Sharp said, was “teaching them how to work, how to be productive and how to stay busy.” Continue reading “Child Gets Cops Called on Him for Delivering Newspapers”

T-Mobile employee calls 911 on man buying a phone

T-Mobile Store

In African American news, In yet another installment of #Hello911TheyBlack, two African American men shopping found themselves in a potentially deadly encounter with police. According to published news reports, the incident occurred at a T-Mobile store in Fresno, California, and involved Dorian Johnson, 26, and his uncle Vincent Lemar, who went looking for the new iPhone. They were driven to the store by Dorian’s girlfriend, Gloria Bush.i Continue reading “T-Mobile employee calls 911 on man buying a phone”